Clothing Care Guide

Your new GI has been received and your excited to train, following on from training ‘always wash your GI’ not only for longevity purposes but in the interest of your own hygiene and the interest of your training partners.  If left unwashed the GI can harbour germs and spread mat born diseases like ring worm and Staph that can wreak havoc at your gym!

What’s the best way to look after your new GI? Below will give you some guidelines to preserve its colour, size and condition.


Always wash your GI inside out on a cold or 30-degree wash. This will minimise the shrinkage and colour fading. Washing it on a higher heat setting results in shrinkage, colour fading and warping the lapel.  It is best to wash it with a non-biological detergent as this has fewer chemicals and will be better for your it in the long run. 


You should avoid using the tumble dryer to dry your GI.  You should let your GI dry naturally by hang drying it on an airer or coat hanger away from all direct heat sources like a radiator. Excessive heat can fade the colour, damage and/or weaken the stress points, warp your lapel and melt certain types of patches. 


All GIs will shrink a little after the first wash but depending on the material the GI is made from and how you wash and dry your GI will determine how much it shrinks.  In our opinion, it is always better to purchase a GI which is slightly on the large side as after a few washes slight shrinkage will occur.  

For further support, you can contact us via our contact page or via email at [email protected]