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The Deluxe Black Kimono is our brand new premium GI from the Predator range. As you would expect it is made from the best quality materials and made to the highest standards. The weave used is the 450 pearl weave which in our opinion is the best material to make a GI from. Its light weight, durable, comfortable to train in and it hardly shrinks.

It has Applique embroidered logos on the shoulders and side of the trousers which are more durable and better looking than the standard woven patches and it has stylish branded tape on the inside of the sleeve and trouser cuffs and inside GI skirt.

One of the main features of our Deluxe Black Kimono is the fit. We have spent years on getting this right. It has a tailored cut/fit including tapered sleeves and trousers that help the GI fitting closer to your body making it harder for an opponent to get a decent grip of. No wizards sleeves here!

Technical Specs

    • Applique embroidered logos on the Shoulders and sides of the trouser.

    • Jacket is made from premium 450 gram Pearl Weave

    • Pre-shrunk and full reinforced on all of the major stress points.

    • Trousers are 10oz twill cotton with rope style drawstring.

    • Tailored cut/fit

    • Stylish design elements including branded tape

Available in sizes A1 to A4


Height Weight Size
5'2-5'8 55-70 Kilo A1
5'9-5'11 71-86 Kilo A2
6'0-6'2 87-102 Kilo A3
6'2-6'3 103-120 Kilo A4