Polaris 7 Preview

Polaris Pro Jiujitsu returns on the 15th of July. Putting together it’s 7th iteration in the Indigo at the O2, London. The card is stacked with talented up-and-comers to seasoned veterans. Make sure you keep the night free for a night of great Jiujitsu.
Here at Predator Fightwear HQ we have broken down the card to give our insights on what is sure to be a night to remember so you can enjoy the night even more with some extra insights.


Tom Haplin vs Igor Terreco – Catchweight (68kg) NoGi

In the first match of the night we have Irish Black belt Tom Haplin vs Igor Terreco with both fighters making their debut on the Polaris Pro Stage. Tom is a Black belt under Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu. He has had great success with a similar half guard game, becoming known for his kneebars in recent times.
Igor is a black belt under none other than Roger Gracie. His guard heavy game will lead to a double guard pull and battle for a dominant position. Whoever can put in place their game-plan early will take this match.
Prediction – Tom Halpin via kneebar

Lloyd Cooper vs Kieran Davern – Catchweight (80kg) NoGi

The second match will be the first leglock battle of the night. English Black Belt Lloyd Cooper will face the Irish Brown Belt Kieran Davern. Both fighters have been competing in many events coming up to Polaris 7. With both men featuring on the first Figure 4 Promotions event in Liverpool and picking up wins. Davern has the slight size advantage so will be interesting to see how Lloyd handles that. Expect high paced footlock exchanges with either fighter taking a quick finish.
Prediction : Davern via Heelhook

Oliver Lovell vs Yousef Nabi – Catchweight (74kg) Gi

Gracie Barra Black Belt Oliver Lovell returns to Polaris. His debut match with Polaris finishing in a submission of his opponent via pressure Pass. He takes on Element BJJ’s Yousef Nabi (Lovell replaced Nabi on Polaris 6 due to an injury). Lovell will have the advantage over the older Nabi, but Nabi will be out to get the win after losing his spot to injury.
Prediction: Lovell by Gi Choke

Thomas Caughey vs Eoghan O’Flanagan – Catchweight Bout (80kg) NoGi

After Sean McDonagh’s recent injury, Thomas Caughey will take on Eoghan O’Flanagan. Tom who will be stepping on the Polaris stage for the first time will be keen to show off his nogi submissions. His opponent Eoghan is coming off a win on the recent Battle Grapple Invitational via heel hook. This match is close call with both fighters playing a leglock heavy game.
Prediction: Toss a coin on this one as either fighter could finish the other with a fast leglock

Pedro Bessa vs Dominik Debiec – Catchweight Bout (80kg) Gi

Eduardo Telles black belt Pedro Bessa has been a stalwart of English Jiujitsu for many years. He has been on a bit of a streak, with wins at the recent IBJJF British Nationals. Another Polaris debut is Dominik Debiec, a black belt under Roger Gracie. He will be looking to take make a statement to get a win over the Polaris Veteran Bessa.
Prediction: A close match with a display of old school Gi techniques.

Miha Perhavec vs Jamie Scott – Catchweight Bout (85kg) NoGi

In the feature Prelim bout, Miha Perhavec from ECJJA takes on Jamie Scott from 10th Planet London. Miha, is no stranger to the Polaris stage after a nasty leglock finish on River Dillon on the polaris 5 Card. Expect a high pace leglock battle with some crazy entries from both fighters.
Prediction: Miha by heelhook

Polaris 7 Main Card

Samantha Cook vs Venla Luukkonen – Championship Eliminator (Over 55kg) NoGi

Samantha Cook will be sure to have a large following being the home crowd favourite. She takes on Finnish Black belt Venla Luukkonen. Sam picked up a win over Vanessa English in Polaris 5. She added to her career as a black belt Medalling in this years worlds. Her opponent Venla has the size advantage and both fighters will be looking to play top game.
Samantha Cook : Judges decision

Masakazu Imanari vs Ashley Williams – Featherweight Championship Eliminator (65.8kg) NoGi

Polaris has two featherweight championship eliminator matches taking place on the card. The first features Ashley Williams against Masakazu Imanari. A man who needs introduction, Iminari is a grappling legend coining the “Imanari roll”, he takes on Ashley Williams, who has matches on EBI against the best in the world he will be ready for the Polaris stage. Expect to see Ashley avoid Imanari’s leglocks and play a wider range of attacks.
Prediciton : Ashley’s youth will be the deciding factor. Look to see him take the win, provided he can avoid the leglocks of Iminari.

Nicky Ryan vs Phil Harris – Featherweight Championship Eliminator (65.8kg) NoGi

For the uninitiated 16 year old Nicky Ryan is part of the infamous Danaher Death Squad. He has taken wins over top black belts including Geo Martinez and competed in last years ADCC. His opponent Phill Harris is a returning Veteran to Polaris. Experience will play into the favour of Phill but his work’s cut out with the Danaher leg attack system. 
Prediction: Nicky Ryan by heelhook

Ross Nichols vs Nathan Orchard – Welterweight Championship Eliminator (77.1kg) NoGi

Polaris ‘ first welterweight eliminator pits Ross Nichols vs Nathan Orchard. Ross headlined the first Figure 4 promotions taking the win after a 40 minute battle. He faces 10th Planet black belt Nathan Orchard, owner of the Dead Orchard submission. Nathan Orchard is a well rounded nogi submission specialist with a focus on guard.  This match could be fight of the night with both fighters decorated competitors and sure to put on a show.
Prediction: Fight of the night performance with both fighters willing to take the match into multiple areas.

Lachlan Giles vs Oliver Taza – Welterweight Championship Eliminator (77.1kg) NoGi

In our second Welterweight eliminator, Lachlan “Velociraptor” Giles go up against Oliver Taza, who is another decorated member of the Danaher Death Squad. For those who haven’t heard of Giles he’s coach to none other than Craig Jones. Despite coaching a leglocker Giles plays game favouring upper body and neck submissions, which will clash with Taza’s leglock game. Giles is also the more experienced of the two fighters. If Giles can avoid the leg attacks of Taza, which we are sure he will expect his top game to be the stronger of the two.
Prediction: Giles by Guilotine or D’arce

Gregor Gracie vs Gilbert Burns – Main Event Catchweight (85kg) NoGi

In the main event of the evening, we see Gilbert Burns go up against the aggressive Gregor Gracie. There won’t be any guard pulling in this match as both men will look for takedowns, therefore this will be a high paced match with both fighters always looking to finish.
Prediction: Burns by choke from back
This Polaris card might be the best since Polaris 3 : Tonon Vs Phalhares and is sure to have some great matches. Predator Fightwear will be attending and will be giving an event breakdown.